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Rafat Homes was founded by Rafat’s President Mr. Carlo Salim and Mr. Basil Fatouhi Hadad, the successful real estate agent at Remax brokerage.

Mr. Carlo Salim, the president and founder of Rafat General Contracting Group since 1988, who had a vision to create a one-stop source for construction projects. Mr. Salim established the company based on the foundation of trust, hard work, and a dedicated team of managers, supervisors and employees.

Basil F. Hadad is the #1 commercial agent at RE/MAX Infinite Inc. for the last 2 years, and with a platinum award in commercial and residential real estate under his belt. Mr. Hadad will contribute his knowledge and expertise into the birth of this sister company to Rafat Group. With his speciality area lying in the purchase and sale of vacant land and large commercial units, Mr. Hadad has the ability to hand pick the best location that will create value to both the structure and the land surrounding the various projects that will be taken on by this sister company, Rafat Homes.
The two together, bring a combination of resources and market analysis to create a company that both specializes in Real-estate and pre-construction projects.

Rafat’s work is showcased across Ontario in high profile corporate projects, major municipal projects, and countless residential properties.

Why Choose Us

It’s easy to buy a home nowadays, but it’s hard to find something you truly love. Renovating and fixing the things you aren’t happy with can get very expensive in a hurry. When choosing Rafat Homes, you can create your fully upgraded custom designed dream home for up to 20% less than other builders.

Big or Small, Rafat Homes does it all!

With the ability to build houses using internal sources, Rafat Homes has the upper hand in decreasing costs and maximizing overall value. Rafat General Contracting has developed and sustained many valuable relationships with other companies in the industry, and will utilize its resources to ensure the success of Rafat Homes. Already reputable for its use of high-quality materials, Rafat Homes will remain unique in the competitive world of pre-construction as we are determined to deliver superb results.

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Our team

We have a dedicated team

Carlo Salim

With years of experience in the construction industry under his belt, upon arriving to Canada, Carlo Salim founded Rafat General Contractor in 1990. What began as a small entrepreneurial venture employing only a handful of staff slowly evolved into a group of companies employing upwards 400 employees with a brand well recognized in the Bolton community and GTA. Despite the size of the business, Carlo remains at the core of all key decisions and is deeply involved in project work and client matters. With the mantra that no piece of work is too small or insignificant to take on, Carlo and his team have been a key player in the construction industry, building deep relationships with community leaders over the years.
Carlo has assembled a team of talented construction professionals who under his leadership are fully equipped to execute on the smallest to the largest scale project with professionalism and skill. The Rafat fleet is equipped with heavy equipment including small and large size excavators, bulldozers, blades, backhoes and bobcats, disposal bins and trucks, compactors and proof rollers, among others.

Basil Hadad

Basil Hadad, Co-Owner of Rafat Homes is a seasoned entrepreneur with multiple successful businesses under his belt. A Computer Programmer by trade, after studying Accounting and Computer Statistics in University, and beginning his career in Graphic Design and Animation, he quickly discovered his passion for entrepreneurship and began exploring his own business ventures. After uprooting his life to immigrate to Canada and finding himself with humble means, Basil worked tirelessly to rebuild a life for his family with the objective of building something great for himself and others in the community. Now a proud Canadian, Basil has built and sold successful businesses in a variety of sectors including hospitality, consumer goods, and automotive, among others. Among Basil’s portfolio of his most accomplished entrepreneurial ventures is Too Fast Motors – established in 2004, the business has now evolved into a franchise, selling, servicing and building high performance cars.
In addition to these various business ventures, Basil is also a real estate professional, with years of perfecting his passion for real estate and construction. As an award-winning Real Estate Agent with a secured position as a top seller with ReMax, Basil has assembled the Turbo Team, his team of five agents who work tirelessly to represent their clients’ best interests in today’s competitive residential and commercial real estate markets.
His deep knowledge of the market coupled with his tenure with National Bank as a Mortgage Development Manager positions him as the ideal person to advise his clients on real estate investments and projects. Partnered with his team of Construction, Project Management, and Design professionals at Rafat Homes, and backed by Rafat General Contracting Inc., a well-established contractor in the marketplace, Basil is able to offer his clients the full gamut of real estate and construction advice and services.
Honest and kind in his approach, Basil leads his team with integrity and takes pride in the expansive network of connections he brings to the table in the real estate, construction, and related industries. Trilingual in Arabic, English and Romanian, and a true partner to his clients, he works closely and attentively with each client to understand their objectives and help them navigate the waters of real estate investment and development, for both personal and investment purposes.


Dawlat is the Design expert on the Rafat Homes team. With an educational background in architecture, Dawlat brings a full scope understanding of the ins and outs of structural and aesthetic design. Dawlat’s role on the team is to partner with our clients to understand their concepts and visions and help bring them to life. With an impeccable design sensibility and extensive knowledge of classic and trending styles, Dawlat is involved in every step of the design process to select the best materials, colours and styles for both the interior and exterior of the building. Her easygoing style enables her to tailor her approach to each clients’ preferences, whether it is consulting on each tactical decision or acting as a top level advisor.
Dawlat’s passion for construction and architecture keep her deeply involved in every phase of the project, including having a presence at the site of construction to offer her insights. Years of working as an independent Designer have enabled her to build partnerships with some of the best vendors in the industry, securing her access to the best materials, information and trends in the industry.